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Quv weatherometer testing

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Sadar Bazaar, New Delhi No. Application : This chamber is widely used by quality control and research and development for most plastics, texti. Pune, Maharashtra.

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Gandhi Nagar No. Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. Highway, S. Highway, Ahmedabad -Dist. Thane, Maharashtra. Pune H-Block, Plot No.

quv weatherometer testing

C, Chinchwad East, Pune -Dist. Jogeshwari East, Mumbai No.A discussion started in and continuing through so far. Adding your Q. Correlation between outdoor and artificial weathering devices is very material dependent. Factors that must be considered are light both quantity and qualitymoisture cycles, and temperature. I don't know if hours is close to months, but that sounds a bit unrealistic. What type of artificial device did you use?

What was the cycle? What was the irradiance used? Commonly known cycles using a Xenon-arc source the closest match to natural sunlight require hours to achieve the same amount of radiant exposure as 12 months exposure in Florida. Degradation amounts may or may not be similar. This is 30 times the hours of test time. This is too much of acceleration by any of the standards. A possible ratio is in the range of 8 to This depends on the test conditions temperature, humidity, irradiance level, condensation process, humidity, etc.

The ratio would also vary according to the material that is being tested. To minimize search efforts and to offer multiple viewpoints, we combined previously separate threads onto this page. Please forgive any resultant repetition, failures of chronological order, or what may look like readers disrespecting previous responses -- those other responses may not have been on the page at the time In the automotive industry, they use the SAE J [affil.

First, it is important to understand that the spectral power distribution light intensity vs. Since Planck's law says that photon energy is inversely proportional to wavelength, this low wavelength UV has sufficient energy to cause much more damage to organic materials than sunlight. While you might think that this would just result in a shorter test time, it has frequently been shown that the SAE J [affil. While this sometimes results in faster same-type degradation hence the yr Miami "equivalent" it can both cause failures not seen in outdoor exposures as well as cause different kinds of changes some actually less severe!

Either way, it can be a non-predictive test for some materials. So when comparing J to outdoors, you're comparing apples to oranges and they don't equate. One other factor is that this type of comparison, based on a single factor solar radiant energy does not take into account the other weathering factors of heat, moisture, etc. While the automotive OEM's and suppliers use J as-written or modified for preliminary material approval, they still conduct outdoor testing to validate the interim results and develop models for materials that "correlate" the lab exposure to real outdoor weathering.

The SAE J [affil. You make a good point about the light source though. Has there been any activity focused on changing the light source and filters to more accurately predict real life exposure?Specialising in accelerated weathering, accelerated ageing, and environmental ultraviolet UV exposure testings for plastics, polymers, rubbers, and composites.

Accelerated Weathering and UV Exposure. Weathering and UV exposure causes damage to plastics, coatings, and other materials. Yellowing, fading, cracking, brittleness, loss of tensiles strength, and delamination can all occur under UV exposure. An accelerated weathering test can help determine if your product will withstand outdoor exposure over time. UV Testing.

Our QUV weathering testers can be used for:. Determining the degree of strength loss, yellowing, cracking, brittleness, and blistering.

Determining the colour change and fading of materials by reproducing the full spectrum of sunlight. Products We Test. Agricultural Films.

Pigments Colourfast Testing. Bulk Bags and Woven Textiles.

quv weatherometer testing

Geomembrane Liners. Plastic Cases Mobile Phones. Plastic Films. Plastics Housings. Polymer Coatings. Rotomoulded Products. Synthetic Grass Artificial Turf. Stadium Seats. Tensile Bars. Water Tanks.

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Wire and Cable Insulations. Our Capabilities. Accelerated weathering testing of polymer and plastic materials and products by using UV exposure chambers. Accelerated life ageing testing to show how a material will react to long-term sunlight exposure. Simulating years worth of sunlight in just weeks. Testing the resistance of polymeric products against environmental impact, weathering, temperature, humidity, and repeated UV moisture exposure.

Testing of polymeric materials under specific conditions of heat, UV, and applied stress to determine its critical properties before and after exposure. Testing of plastics, paints, coatings, textiles, adhesives, sealants, and other polymeric materials to UV light to test how they will stand up to years of UV light.

Contact us for more information. Contact Us.

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Knowledge Base. This test is exposing samples to a cycle of 8 hours of UVA light at a temperature of 60'C, followed by 4 hours of condensation at 50'C for a total of hours 21 days of exposure. A long and hot condesnation cycle reproduces the outdoor moisture phenomenon.Products are continually tested to ensure the best field performance.

Our Outdoor Test Deck allows real time testing of current products as well as products in the developmental stages. A QUV Weatherometer is utilized for accelerated testing of simulated outdoor exposure. Through these testing processes, we are able to analyze the life expectancy of our products in the field.

Let us create a custom Marking Solutions Manual to make identifying and ordering your custom marking products a breeze and ensure consistency. This custom manual contains illustrations, specifications and, part numbers for every marking product "approved" by your company.

It is available either electronically or in print format. Be sure to ask about this service. We can also include easy to use order forms to further streamline the ordering process. Our Graphics Department has the knowledge and expertise required to assist in the design process of signs and markers. This service is available at no additional cost. For our customers, we offer a range of services that can save your company time and money. These services are just a mouse click away A customer with a contract account can be provided a customized, E Catalog, Corporate Access Page CAP designed specifically for the products a company purchases.

Please contact us for details. We use our in-house QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester to test all components of a product, including inks, adhesives and substrates.

QUV Weatherometer Testing

As the name implies, the tester "accelerates" the test, providing data long before outdoor samples yield results. This enables us to evaluate the outdoor durability of products and introduce them into the market sooner, rather than later. QUV testing is the industry standard for outdoor weather testing. Our Outdoor Test Deck is located on the Vulcan campus. This testing process acts as a check and balance for the QUV testing process. Periodically, we compare specimens from both tests. Some products have been on the test deck for over 15 years.Weathering and light exposure are important causes of damage to coatings, plastics, inks and other organic materials.

This damage includes loss of gloss, fading, yellowing, cracking, peeling, embrittlement, loss of tensile strength and delamination.

For many manufacturers, it is crucial to formulate products that can withstand weathering and light exposure. Accelerated weathering and light stability testers are widely used for research and development, quality control and material certification. These testers provide fast and reproducible results.

The increasing globalization of the coatings market intensifies the need for testing to improve product durability, meet quality standards of export markets, or decrease material costs to compete with imported products from emerging countries.

In recent years low-cost and easy-to-use testers were developed. This paper will explore the ways in which the two different types of testers differ, including emission spectra method of moisture simulation, specialty testing methods, uniformity and practical considerations in tester use. The inherent strengths and weaknesses of each tester will be discussed, including purchase price and operating costs.

Guidelines will be given for which tester is generally recommended for a particular material or application. In addition, this paper will briefly compare static array xenon arc testers versus rotating drum xenon arc testers. The brand name QUV will be used to indicate a fluorescent tester.

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The brand name Q-Sun will sometimes be used to indicate a xenon tester. The QUV, on the other hand, does not attempt to reproduce sunlight, just the damaging effects of sunlight that occur from nm nm. It is based on the concept that, for durable materials exposed outdoors, short-wave UV causes the most weathering damage Figure 1.

Which is the better way to test? There is no simple answer to this question. Depending on your application, either approach can be quite effective. Your choice of tester should depend on the product or material you are testing, the end-use application, the degradation mode with which you are concerned and your budgetary restrictions.

To understand the differences between the xenon and the QUV, it is necessary to first look more closely at why materials degrade.

quv weatherometer testing

Spectral sensitivity varies from material to material. For durable materials, like most coatings and plastics, short-wave UV is the cause of most polymer degradation. However, for less-durable materials, such as some pigments and dyes, longer-wave UV and even visible light can cause significant damage. The destructive effects of light exposure are typically accelerated when temperature is increased.

A laboratory weathering test must provide accurate control of temperature, and it usually should provide a means to elevate the temperature to produce acceleration. Dew, rain and high humidity are the main causes of moisture damage. Research shows that objects remain wet outdoors for a surprisingly long time each day hours daily, on average. Studies have shown that condensation, in the form of dew, is responsible for most outdoor wetness.

Dew is more damaging than rain because it remains on the material for a long time, allowing significant moisture absorption. Of course, rain can also be very damaging to some materials. Rain can cause thermal shock, a phenomenon that occurs, for example, when the heat that builds up in an automobile over the course of a hot summer day is rapidly dissipated by a sudden shower.

Mechanical erosion caused by the scrubbing action of rain can also degrade materials such as wood coatings because it wears away the surface, continually exposing fresh material to the damaging effects of sunlight. The QUV and xenon arc testers each reproduce light, temperature and moisture in different ways.

The QUV is designed to reproduce the damaging effects of sunlight on durable materials by utilizing fluorescent UV lamps.Daniel Kachler, Guatemala Romance Around Iceland, July 2017 I really felt like I was taken care of by you guys. Barbara Kass, United States Iceland Full Circle, July 2017 Nordic Visitor takes good care of its clients. Susan Henke, United States Icefjord Adventure, July 2017 Thank you for a wonderful experience. Dawn Fairbrother, United Kingdom A Tale of Four Cities, July 2017 This was an amazing tour for us to take as a family holiday (with teenagers) giving us a little insight into each country.

Andrew Lynch, United States Pearls of the South and West, July 2017 I was so impressed by Nordic Visitor - the service felt so personal (we loved the handwritten notes on our map. Jennifer Douglas, Australia Iceland Complete, July 2017 Thank you for making our holiday so memorable.

Joan Clarke, New Zealand Express Iceland, July 2017 Well organised, felt secure in knowing that you were only a phone call away if needed. Carolyn J Peterson, United States Norway Complete, July 2017 I wish I were younger. Carla Reeves, United States Lapland - Land of the Midnight Sun, June 2017 Your company is outstanding in every way. Steve and Alice Reagan, United States Grand Tour of Scotland, May 2017 The overall experience exceeded our expectations.

Simon Grant, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure, May 2017 Excellent service and a well organised trip. Donna J Jonas, United States Iceland Full Circle, May 2017 We really loved this trip and all your help. William Story, United States Iceland Complete, May 2017 Nordic Visitor is an excellent company and we are VERY satisfied with our travel experience. Louanne Mazurat, Canada Marvels of the South, May 2017 The trip was superb and the redoing of our itinerary because of the weather was seamless which we appreciated greatly.

Elizabeth Meacham, United States South Iceland at Leisure, April 2017 I would highly recommend Nordic Visitor to anyone traveling - they were professional, and so very very helpful. Mary Taylor, United States Arctic Winter Adventure, March 2017 I had a two day weather delay in Iceland getting to Greenland, and Dagny my travel consultant was fantastic. Tina Vee, Australia Iceland Full Circle, February 2017 The combined organisation of your staff has been incredible. Peter Vetter, Canada South Iceland at Leisure, February 2017 We were blown away by the service.

quv weatherometer testing

Shelley Gerger, Canada Iceland Winter World, January 2017 Wonderful experience. Camilla Thom, Spain Icehotel Winter Adventure, January 2017 The tour guides were excellent. Eric Darrow, United States Iceland-Style New Year, December 2016 This was our first time booking with a tour company, and it was a wonderful experience overall.

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester TF424

Dieter Zube, United States South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, December 2016 One of the best short get-aways I have ever done. Joshua, United States Iceland Full Circle - Winter, November 2016 One of the best holidays me and my friends went on. Everything was stress free and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Lindsay, United States Icelandic Winter Highlights, October 2016 Nordic Visitor made everything easy from start to finish, but better than that, the tour was stunningly beautiful and our guide took us to off-the-itinerary and off-the-beaten path waterfalls and canyons that really highlighted the beauty of Iceland and made us feel like we were getting a special, secret treat we'd never have found on our own. Naomi, United States Romance Around Iceland, October 2016 This entire trip was perfection.

Lisa, United States South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, October 2016 The level of customer service provided by Kristin and Nordic Visitor was above what we had anticipated.

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The electronic documents provided ahead of time were helpful to help us prepare and learn about the culture and what to expect. Receive the added documents (maps, city guides, bound Iceland guide, road book, etc) were all an added bonus but became incredibly helpful in guiding us to locations we hadn't originally considered. Receiving an email during our tour mentioning weather hazards was a nice touch, but to receive further emails and phone calls when one of our tours was cancelled was super helpful.We believe that business leaders who successfully apply digital technologies to their industry, customers, partners, suppliers, and business practices stand to gain substantial advantages over their competitors.

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In the first fixture of the Super-Playoffs of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, it will be an eliminator match between the Puneri Paltan and UP Yoddha to progress onto the next stage and it will be held at the Dome, NSCI in Mumbai. The two teams finished second and third in Zone A and Zone B to seal their spot in the knockouts. Puneri Paltan is coming into this match on the back of a one-point loss against the Gujarat Fortunegiants from Friday evening while UP Yoddha slumped to a big 64-24 defeat against the Bengaluru Bulls in their last fixture, but the team had fielded a second string side in that match having qualified for the playoffs.

The two teams have clashed against each other just once earlier in the league and the match turned out to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller with Puneri Paltan coming out on top by a slender margin of just one point. When it comes to the attack, the UP Yoddha have an upper hand over Puneri Paltan given their duo of frontline raiders, Nitin Tomar and Rishank Devadiga who have picked up over 320 points between themselves.

Correlation between accelerated & natural weathering

Moreover, they have a cushion in the presence of Surender Singh, who plays as the third raider and is in prime form with a couple of consecutive Super-10 outings. Their defence is primarily manned by Jeeva Kumar in the cover position with the young Sagar Krishna and Nitesh Kumar in either corner, both of whom have given some stellar performances over the course of the season.

To complete the starting seven, Gurvinder Singh or Pankaj might be included in the scheme of things, to add depth to the defence. Puneri Paltan, on the other hand, relies majorly on their skipper, Deepak Hooda to do the bulk of the raiding and if he is to be rendered out of the equation the team will be in deep trouble. Rajesh Mondal does thrive in pressure situations but has not been able to single-handedly rip apart the rival defence.

Sandeep Narwal and Girish Ernak have been stellar as corner defenders and will look to continue in the same fashion. Young guns Monu and Rinku Narwal, both able all-rounders will also take to the mat alongside the veteran Dharmaraj Cheralathan. UP may have a slight advantage with their attack and if their defence comes to the party as well, they can well be able to keep Puneri Paltan at bay by primarily keeping Deepak Hooda and Monu off the mat for long periods of time.

Will the Pune defence be able to stop the UP attack. In what could be a tussle between two very even teams, the Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad will battle it out at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai in Game 10 of IPL 2017 on Wednesday. Both teams are coming into the game on the back of victories in their respective previous games, albeit contrasting ones. Sunrisers have been the best team in the competition so far.

Barring Shikhar Dhawan, each of the top four in the batting order has registered a half-century this season and that has meant that the opposition bowlers have chased leather. In the bowling, the show has been led by Rashid Khan, the 18-year-old leg-spinner from Afghanistan, who has captured the imagination of all. The young man has been well supported by the likes of Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ashish Nehra and that has made them a formidable unit. Their bowling unit could be bolstered further if Mustafizur Rahman returns to the fold on Tuesday.

On the other hand, the Mumbai Indians have had a mixed start to their competition, having lost their opening game despite having put a competitive total on the board, and then coming back to win the second game against the Kolkata Knight Riders at home. On the batting front, Nitish Rana proved to be the surprise performer for the side, scoring a half-century while Hardik Pandya showed that he could a reliable finisher in the future, guiding his side to a win in the last over of the game.

Extra Cover: IPL 2017 MI vs SRH: Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) Probable playing XI against Mumbai Indians (MI)In the bowling, Krunal Pandya proved to be the hero, picking up three wickets to stem the flow of runs of the Knight Riders.

With the presence of some explosive players in their ranks, the Mumbai Indians could make use of the shorter boundaries at the Wankhede and post a big total on the board. Critically for them, Rohit Sharma will need to open the innings and give himself 20 overs to bat which would give him the chance to stand up and put a tall score on the board. With the likes of Warner, Henriques and Yuvraj in the top four, the Sunrisers will look to make good use of the conditions on offer at the Wankhede.

The venue also presents an opportunity to Dhawan to get some runs under his belt. Predicted winner: With the form that they are currently in, the Sunrisers Hyderabad look like the favourites to come out trumps in this game.

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